Covid-19 Food Donations

Steve Zontek

With the onset of widespread quarantining due to COVID-19 restaurant sales were rapidly declining and as a result, left our supply chain with excess inventory at risk of running out of shelf life.  Distribution and Hub centers partnered with McDonald’s Quality Systems, Food Donation Connection (FDC), and local banks and charities to find outlets for the at-risk inventory of food items.   

We created a tracker in a virtual Situation Room (VSR) to provide nationwide visibility to the available at-risk products allowing the FDC to assign disposition to appropriate outlets.  

With the support of FDC, we have donated an estimated $19 million or 12 million pounds of food items since March 2020,  across 35 states, and to over 180 organizations.  Thank you to our distribution and Hub center’s staff for your continued efforts to avoid food waste and provide much-needed food to these charitable outlets.  

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