You all know what a challenging year 2020 has been but the NALC team has been up for the challenge.  For many of us, the way we worked changed dramatically with the new normal working from home and learning to meet with our teams virtually.  We have persevered through many first-time situations within our supply chain system and our supply chain partners have stepped up to the challenge in their respective areas to prove we can adapt quickly.

We enhanced our business continuity plan to meet the needs of a global pandemic.  And, we launched the Virtual Situation Room (VSR) to allow our supply chain to collaborate in real-time with the most current data and local information.  We also needed your help to improve service with 48 hour call and routing efficiencies to minimize the pandemic’s impact.  Thank you for your ongoing support to make sure we have the most efficient reliable system in the world.  



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While we worked to develop new processes and tools during this unprecedented time, we slowed some projects and advanced other projects.  You will learn what the team has done to combat COVID 19.  We continued to advance forecast sychronization and traceability and  logistics was the first McDonald’s category to develop Science Based Sustainability Targets globally.  The team developed virtual IMET training and continues to support system donations to various charities supporting the communities we serve.  We hope you enjoy this newsletter as our team is extremely proud of their accomplishments and look forward to continue to drive the system forward.  

Jim Haley, Martin Brower

A Message From the Chairman

In addition, Sarah Burke will be leading the NALC in 2021.  Sarah is currently leading the Martin Brower U.S. business and has assumed the chair position for the NALC.  Sarah joined Martin Brower 8 years ago as our corporate attorney and then ran our Canadian business for 2 years.  We look forward to her leadership with the team and the continued success of the NALC.

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