The opportunities addressed by this expanded team included:

      ~ Ensuring capabilities, access, and transparency related to resources, and                     data and insights necessary to make better-informed decisions.

      ~ Ensuring the right (and more) voices “at the table” from across the supply                   chain

      ~ Enabling more streamlined ways to provide feedback and root cause issues

      ~ Building greater trust through more accurate and timely data

During the past two quarters of 2020, the Joint Accountability Team has worked to address pain points associated with forecast synchronization and opportunities to remove them.  McDonald’s enlisted the services of People Rocket to facilitate a series of design thinking workshops with an expanded group of representatives across Armada, Martin Brower, COE, and HAVI. 

Guiding principles centered on collaboration, accessibility, and transparency were co-created by the JA team to ground us throughout the process.  Through a series of iterative design sessions, the team went from identifying specific challenges, refining and synthesizing these into defined opportunities, to creating a collective view of the impact (to the system) and effort required to deploy these solutions.  The results of the team were shared with McDonald’s during a series of two progress updates, ultimately leading to an alignment on prioritized opportunities that the JA team will begin executing against in Q4’20 and beyond.  

Chris Awalt, Ashley Capizzano, & Daryl Hasley

The next steps include the JA partners assessing their capabilities to deliver against these priorities over the next four quarters.  

The JA team is excited for the opportunity to collaborate on these opportunities and we will keep you all updated on our progress as we move forward.

  1. Master Data, Transactional Data, Order Parameter Optimization and Standardization

  2. MSQ Process

  3. Digitized FIP

  4. Automation Line of Supply Changes

Joint Accountability: 

Forecast Synchronization

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