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With the onset of COVID-19, all Inventory Management Excellence Training (IMET) classes were canceled.  In its place, the Restaurant Services Team developed a shortened version of IMET intended for a virtual audience.  The virtual class was shortened to 2.5 hours and focuses on achieving an accurate order through accurate and timely routines.  The course agenda includes:

      ~ Components of ROP

      ~ Perpetual Inventory

      ~ Transfers, Waste & Employee Meals
      ~ Invoices
      ~ WRIN Management
      ~ Physical Inventory
      ~ Variance Stat Report

DCs are recommended to offer this option at least once per quarter to their markets.  Mile Hi provides a Spanish version of the training for any interested market. 

Another option for training is Achieving an Accurate Restaurant Order Proposal class which is available at any time on-demand.  Restaurant staff can access this 25-minute course in English or Spanish using these links.

ROP Training Opportunities

Training Attendee Quote:

This meeting was very helpful to me. I have been learning/doing this for about two months and I learned a lot of tips and they did a great job going into depth with all the numbers behind truck, inventory, variance sat, etc. thank you guys so much. 10 out 10 would recommend to anyone that is training in this position.

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