Jim Haley, Martin Brower

Today's business climate requires McDonald’s Supply Chain partners to be ready for an increasingly dynamic environment. The North American Logistics Council (NALC) is addressing this need with a focus that includes new technology and innovation to support McDonald’s modern, progressive burger company strategy.

Our Vision

 By 2025, the North American Logistics Council companies will provide a cognitive supply chain enabling restaurants to focus solely on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We commit to:

-Implement full unassisted delivery
-Deliver wholesome, fresh products
-Provide data and technology driven service
-Remove the restaurant from inventory management
-Expand the reverse logistics program
-Reduce carbon emissions

From the Chairman

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Our industry is faced with challenges such as declining available labor force in our logistics facilities and restaurants, rising transportation costs, environmental impacts and the growing need to digitize the business. The North American Logistics Council Strategy and work plan for 2019 address these challenges head on.

Our initiatives support the U.S. Supply Chain and Global Logistics Council by focusing on digitization, technology, environmental impact control and support services for the restaurants’ back room, optimization, and scaling of assets and equipment.  We continue our pursuit for innovation in our facilities and delivery services to support McDonald’s vision and values.

Thank you to the NALC members and teams for their expert involvement supporting our projects and initiatives.

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Jim Haley
Chairman, NALC

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