Stevi Garvey, Earp Distribution

Inventory Management Excellence Training (IMET)

Past attendee’s comments:

“Some of this was a refresher but the elaboration of perpetual inventory was really helpful.”

“This class gave me a better understanding of what to do during inventory and how to troubleshoot when I run into a problem.”

“I learned a lot of extra things I was not aware of coming into this class beyond just the basic inventory.”

“Learning how inventory, waste and truck can affect FOB, stat loss, etc. considerably if not done. This class gave me a lot of ideas that I want to bring back to my store.”

“Learning the invoices/ credits/ transfers do have an effect on inventory if not posted in a timely manner.”

Many restaurants have transitioned from the ISP to CIT, creating an excellent opportunity to review inventory practices and daily routines. Inventory management routines and CIT inputs play a major role in the accuracy of order proposals. By following inventory routines, restaurants may see improved order proposals requiring less changes and less time spent doing the order.

All distribution centers (DCs) offer an IMET class for restaurant crew, management and owner/operators at least once per quarter. By learning the new reports and tools in CIT, restaurants are able to improve inventory management practices.

Each class includes the following topics:

- Conversion Efficiency   
- Perpetual Inventory in CIT         
- A.C.T. (Accurate – Consistent – Timing Routines)
- Raw & Completed Waste           
- Physical Inventory Processes                    
- Info Recorder – Quick Reference Guide
- ROP Troubleshooting   

In 2018, we hosted 2,400 attendees at 135 sessions;  We expect to have even higher attendance in 2019.  Contact your DC for further information about attending an IMET class.

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